Couldn’t Add your device- Your organisation hasn’t set up the device administration privileges in their Tenant. Contact your computer support for help

Trying to deploy a MAM policy and the Teams app asked to sign into the Intune Portal App which would not let the user.

  1. Uninstall Intune app (Company Policy)
  2. Clear Android Settings | Accounts of all work accounts, including any reference to my personal MS account
  3. When opening Teams, rather than saying “switch accounts”, I just logged in using my personal account (the username for which was pre-filled)
  4. I added the Teams account to the Teams app – prompting the flow of:
    1. Installing the Intune app
    2. Granting device administrator privileges (including giving access to Contacts!)
    3. Getting the message that there is no administrator policy (or some such thing)
    4. Adding a PIN to Teams
  5. Getting back to Teams and signing out of my personal account

This seemed to have worked. I went on to test whether the security worked.

  1. Anything I downloaded to my device I couldn’t open (format incorrect)
  2. I could view stuff in Teams but I couldn’t open it on a native app.


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