Air Asia Discontinuing the Vegetarian Fried Rice!

I recieved the following email from Air Asia this morning. I’m guessing they have a massive Vegetarian Fried Rice fan base for a personalised email to be sent about this subject. On the other side it could be a very clever social media ploy to get people to write about it , but it’s worked. I’ve never heard of Mock , but from what I can tell it’s Chicken based , but I’m guessing they are going for the veggie Mock

We will be discontinuing the Vegetarian Fried Rice from 1st June 2011 onwards.

Vegetarian Fried Rice will be replaced with Vegetarian Fried Rice (with Mock Drumsticks)
for all AirAsia QZ flights.

Vegetarian Fried Rice (With Mock Drumsticks)


However, if you would like to have other meals instead, kindly proceed to Manage My Booking to make your changes online or contact our Call Centre.

Additional fees will not be incurred unless the price of the newly selected meal is higher than the price of the original meal.

Wishing you a pleasant flight!

Best Regards,
Catering & In-Flight Management AirAsia Berhad

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