VLAN Configuration for Guest Wireless Segregation

You have a wireless system in place however you would like to separate a guest wireless network using your existing infrastructure and separate internet connection

Equipment :

  • Router for Guest Internet E.g. Draytek 2820
  • Layer 2 Managed Switch for the VLANing
  • Netgear Wireless Controller E.G. Netgear WMS5316
  • Access Points to Work with the Wireless Controller

These can be changed , but for example , lets say the following has been done:

  • Draytek Plugs Into Port 5 on the Layer 2 Managed Switch
  • Wireless Controller Plugs into Port 23 on the Managed Switch
  • Access Points Plug into 6 – 8 on the Managed Switch


  • Create 2 VLANS on the Switch and Wireless Controller, Create 2 SSIDS and assign a VLAN ID to them e.g. VLAN 1 is the main company network and VLAN 2 is the Guest Network
  • On the Managed Switch UNTAG ALL Ports for VLAN 1
  • Tag Ports 6 – 8 ( Access Points ) and 23 ( Wireless Controller ) on VLAN 2 ( As these will need to access both VLAN for both wireless networks )
  • Untag Port 5 VLAN Port for VLAN 2
  • Set the PVID of port 5 to VLAN 2 ( Force VLAN 2 ONLY )
  • Settings on the draytek can be left as default as long as it’s got a working internet connection and DHCP enabled


Tagged means that the vlan information is added to the frame before it is sent over a trunk link.

Access ports are typically untagged, meaning only one vlan passes via the interface.

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