Veeam created _1 Folders for existing jobs

On Restore of a Configuration backup , all the jobs started running Full backups in Veeam in folders with _1 in the same directory

Per this

“If a new backup set is created, but the folder containing the original backup set is not moved, deleted, or renamed, new backup files will be stored in a folder named <job name>_1.”

For some reason the backups were ignoring their existing backup sets and starting new ones filling up the drives and creating new VBK Files to resolve this


  1. Stop all the backups running
  2. Delete all the new folders on your Backup Location that were created with _1 , important : ( Check the Created Date as some of the _1 might be old backups )
  3. Go to Backup Infrastructure  , Backup Respositories , and run a rescan on all the repository that will clear these in ( Disk Imported ) 
  4. Now go to each job , edit the properties, Go to Storage , Backup Repository , and click Map Backup and choose the correct Repository for each job

Run a backup again and make sure it’s creating a file into the existing folder


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