User IIS Logs to find Load per app pool

Shout out to Bennis at Bayswater Electrical for this!

Logpaser is seriously good tool to filter through the mess of IIS logs!

Grab all your ISS log files for the dates you need.

Chuck them in a directory

First command grabs all the .log files into a single csv

logparser.exe -i:iis “select * into c:\temp\merge.log from c:\temp\logs\*” -o:csv

the “–i” option selects the log format  be sure to select the correct format to match your IIS settings. eg, exchange is generally IISW3C.


The second command you use to filter out the details you really need, similar to a sql query!

logparser.exe -i:csv “Select username, date, time, target FROM c:\temp\merge.log TO c:\temp\output.csv WHERE RequestType LIKE ‘%get%’ and username is not null”

Use Excel or Notepad ++ to join the results together

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