Terminal Server Temporary Profile – Your User Profile was not loaded correctly

When logging into a terminal server it brings up the

“Your User Profile was not loaded correctly”

You have been logged on with a temporary profile

This could be caused by the following

1) If you are logging in using an active directory account, make sure the profile Tab in the Active Directory Settings under Users and Computers the Profile Path is set correctly

2) If the account is corrupted , log the user off and try and remove their account

i) By right clicking on My Computer , Advanced System Settings, Advanced, then User Profiles removing via here

ii) If the user is not displayed above ,

Delete the User’s Folder from C:\Users\*Username* ( Backup any data before )

Remove the Users Registry enteries from : HKLM\Software\WindowNT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

Then try logging in again

There is also a great tool called :聽https://helgeklein.com/free-tools/delprof2-user-profile-deletion-tool/ which can remove all old used , unimportant profiles

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