SSL VPN 98% “no more addresses” fortigate

Users who could connect where no longer connecting to our Foritgate

If using VDOM use 

#conf Global

#diagnose sys top

Check for Free Memory Usage( Should not be over 80% ) 

Enable Debug for VPN

#dia debug en
#dia debug reset
#dia debug application sslvpn -1

Then Connect VPN , and check for logs for that user

Found : 

 “no more addresses” fortigate

#diagnose debug disable

#exec vpn sslvpn list

If using VDOM Use this before

#conf vdom

#edit Vdom Name 

Users where getting 4 Address in the SSL VPN Sessions instead of one which was filling up the DHCP List

#fnsysctl ps

find the PID of sslvpnd

#run diag sys kill 11 <pid>

VPN Service will restart Automatically.


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SSL VPN 98% "no more addresses" fortigate, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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