Spotify Portable

spotify Well I’ve seen the future of on-line music and its one of those things that will revolutionise the industry.A huge selection of On-Demand music anywhere, hosted in the Cloud, Custom Playlists that follow you anywhere as well as the ability to share with your friends and the icing on the cake, supporting the artist through the same adverts as a radio. I know has offered this service for a while, but Spotify have simplified the process for your average user who just want Music now with the same clean look and speed of Itunes! After plugging this software to as many people as possible I have found this software can be turned portable. Spotify upon installation installs 2 files to C:\Program Files\Spotify “Spotify.exe” and “Uninstall.exe” Grab a new usb memory stick , Copy the Spotify.exe to the memory stick, Plug into a computer at Work, School, University and Internet Cafe, Login with your Spotify details , and your off again!
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