Netapp System Commands to check live performance

Netapp has a Gui for DFM , however my experience of this is slow and clunky ( compared to a Nimble SAN ) and hard to find realtime slowdown causes at the SAN I/O level. Vcenter VOps is good for monitoring however it doesn’t have the needed intelligence to be that accurate. It purely guesstimate on unusual spikes and useage. Perfstats logging is the best metric however trying to keep a continual capture until the problem repeats itself is difficult.

Login to the NetApp via SSH and run below on each controller


sysstat -ux 1

Keep an eye on the Disk Usage Metric

If you see the disk usage over 80% you might want to drill down deeper to the volume or lun level to find out what’s causing it use :


stats show volume::total_ops
stats show lun::total_ops

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