hyper v merge in progress then failed when trying to start virtual machine

  1. Check the volume has enough free space, if a previous merge (deletion of checkpoint ) has failed this might be why

Navigate to the cluster share and check the .avhdx’s

Windows Explorer - VHDX AVHDX File


Hyper-V Console Method

You can also use the Hyper-V console in Windows 10 to perform the merge operation. The first thing you’ll want to do is open the Hyper-V console. Next, right-click the Hyper-V host and click Edit Disk.

Hyper-V Console - Edit Disk

After clicking Edit Disk, you’ll be presented with a wizard, where you’ll point Hyper-V to the .avhdx file that you want to merge.

IMPORTANT: Select the .avhdx file, and not the .vhdx file, otherwise you won’t see the Merge operation available!

Hyper-V Edit Disk - Locate Virtual Hard Disk

On the next wizard screen, select the Merge action.

Hyper-V Edit Disk - Merge Action

Next, you’ll need to choose the destination for the merge operation. In most cases, you’ll choose the To the parent virtual hard disk option.

Hyper-V Edit Disk - Select Parent

Finally, on the Summary page of the disk editing wizard, just complete the wizard, and it will merge your disks for you. That’s all there is to it!

Hyper-V Edit Disk - Complete Wizard


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