Enable HTTPS and Disable HTTP on Netapp


7 Mode 

  1. Configure SSL on the storage system by issuing the following command:
    filerprompt> secureadmin setup ssl

    Enter the following information when prompted:
    Country Name (2 letter code) [US]:
    State or Province Name (full name) [California]:
    Locality Name (city, town, etc.) [Santa Clara]:
    Organization Name (company) [Your Company]:
    Organization Unit Name (division):
    Common Name (fully qualified domain name) [filer.domain]:
    Administrator email:
    Days until expires [5475] :
    Key length (bits) [512] :

    After entering the requested values, the following message is displayed:
    [rc:info]: Starting SSL with new certificate.
  2. After configuring SSL on the storage system, issue the following command to enable HTTPS access:
    filerprompt> options httpd.admin.ssl.enable on

Disabling HTTP access:
To disable HTTP access to FilerView, issue the following command:
filerprompt> options httpd.admin.enable off


Cluster Mode

cluster1::> vserver services web modify -vserver %vservername% -name portal -ssl-only true
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