DNS Not working – SBS 2001 / 2008 R2 Server

Recently had a colleague call me , after a mainboard switch over , the DNS server was not working

  1. Could ping the server from Remote Device
  2. Nslookup from the device would come back with (Request Timed Out)
  3. I could NSLOOKUP local host on the SBS Server
  • Restarted the DNS Server Service , enabled Logging could see Items 
  • DNS Server was listening on correct IP interfaces 


Found out during the main board swap out , the Subnet Mask of had been set instead

What does this do? It sets a Single Device on the Subnet , which means it can’t route to the Default Gateway

If you did want to do this , it should be set to ( two items on the Subnet ) for and .2

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Tags: DNS, time out

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