Citrix Xen App Server frozen on Welcome Login Screen

Recently when trying to login to a Citrix XenApp Server ( OS Server 2012 R2 ) users were getting a frozen Welcome Screen. The loading ‘Circle” would just stop and go no further.

Rebooting the cluster ( Datacollectors/Storefront and XenApp Servers ) did not resolve the issue. The session would start to load then go no further. I could login to the server via the console just not through the receiver.

Logging into the Data Collector I was greeted with 

“Trial Period Expired”

Checking the Licensing Tab showed no available licenses. I wasn’t able to check the original licenses so I created a temp account to setup a Trial License of 90 days

Create Trial Citrix Licenses

  1. Navigate to and select Sign In (located in the upper right hand corner).
  2. Sign in using your My Account login credentials 
  3. Hover over the Downloads Tab and select Free Trials 
  4. Select the product you are trying to evaluate 
  5. Proceed to follow the prompts to request the product of choice 
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GD Star Rating

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