Autotask with Task Fire Implementation

taskfire_header_logoTickets for Client added via TaskFire not staying in Taskfire

 When creating a new ticket in TaskFire , the ticket defaults back to the MSP’s queue instead of the clients task fire queue. For cases where you using TaskFire as an onsite tickeing system and clients can then elevate problems for you , you will need to create the following Workflow to move the ticket back to the clients taskfire system

When a ticket is Created by “External Contact”

And the following conditions are met:

Company Name is = {Company}

Then perform the following updates:

Queue name = {Client Portal}


Then transfer ticket to: Taskfire (if client has Taskfire enabled)

Complete Tickets not syncing between taskfire and autotask

When our client completes the ticket on their end, it does not change the status of the ticket within our Service Desk.

Go to Admin, Extension and Intergrations, Manage Clients, Manage Clients Tab, Choose the Client

Tick options :

i)Always set the Taskfire status to Complete when an escalated ticket is set to Complete by an Autotask resource.

ii)Always set the Autotask status to Complete when a ticket Transferred to Taskfire is set to Complete by the client.

Bulk Edit Tickets Delete/Modify/Notes/Assign

So if you had the problem above and now need to complete 100+ tickets how do you do this in bulk!

First you uncheck option 2 i) as to make sure when you close all the open tickets in the MSC window you don’t close all the taskfire tickets as well

Second add a Widget of Entity Tickets and Widget Type Grid

Select the Needed Primary Columns e.g. ticket ID

Add the Filters

Company = {Company}

Queue = {Client portal}

Status Not Equal To {Complete}

Once this is produced click on the See All at the bottom of the Widget

Here you can increase the Show 25 to 100 bottom Right

Now Choose 100 at a time and however over the top left row and you will be able to choose Forward/Modify Multiple

Choose Status to Complete

How to get a clients helpdesk Email going to TaskFire

Admin / Sevice Desk Tickets / Incoming Email Processing

Create a New Support Address e.g. [email protected]

Under ticket , Create a New Ticket and Put the Queue into Client Portal

Make sure the client is setup in a company in Autotask and either

1) Their web address is correct matching the sending email address

2) Contacts are setup for each user which will be assigned to them

Use Exchange Forwarding to forward emails from [email protected] to [email protected]

When client emails helpdesk , they get a message back saying their ticket is created , they can reply to this message for notes or ticket updates

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