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Recently a customer had to go through a Software Licensing Self-Assessment with Accordo for their current Adobe installations

“I am from Accordo Group Limited (“Accordo”).  Accordo has been authorised by Adobe to communicate with your organisation and assist with the Adobe Licensing Self-Assessment (“Licensing Self-Assessment”) process.

Please note that Accordo is an independent consulting organisation, providing advice on software licensing matters.  We do not sell software licenses. “

This is a third party Adobe works with to audit their existing customers to check compliance. The process involved filing out an “Adobe Deployment Summary” excel sheet, to list all the software installed in your environment which can be audited internally either manually or through some software such as SpiceWorks ( for a Manual scan) or if deployed can be listed in SCCM.

You will also need to provide Proof of Purchase for these licenses for any Retail discs ( online purchases should be direct with Adobe so the companies Adobe ID can be provided ). Receipts should be provided for Adobe CC subscriptions.

We had an issue for this some CS2 Adobe Retail products we still used where older that the legal 7 year financial retention needed. We liased this onto our Licensing Consultant who agreed products purchased over 7 years ago would only need the Proof of ownership ( pictures of CD’s and license ) not the receipt.

After this , a  “Estimated License Ownership Position” was produced showing the company compliance for future record.

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