Setting up Draytek Router on BT Infinity

When BT install and Setup Infinity they setup 2 boxes. One is the Infinity Modem which is presented with a standard telephone connection and the modems then presents a Ethernet connection. This then plugs into a BT Home Hub to provide the routing and NAT. We needed to install a Draytek Router for a LAN to LAN VPN. Just to note if you provide your own router with BT infinity , it will need to be a Cable router not an ADSL Router. You cannot use the DSL Modem in a normal ADSL/ADSL2 Router to Sync with BT Infinity. Therefore a Draytek 2710 will not work with BT Infinity as it does not have a cable connection , only a 2820 ( Latest Model in the Draytek range ). To set this up on a 2820, if you disable Wan1 ( The Adsl Port ) and then Go into Internet Access , then Enable Wan2 Port for PPPoE. You will need to enter the following username : the password can be anything. After this the PPPoE connection will start, get the Dynamic IP address from BT and Start working!
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