Migration of Blackberry User from one BES to another BES ( Different Databases )

If you have a Blackberry User you wish to move to another Blackberry Enterprise Server on a seperate blackberry domain ( which means they utlize different blackberry user databases) you will need to go through the following tasks : 1) Backup the Blackberry Device via Blackberry Desktop Manager 2) Delete the User from the Old Blackberry Enterprise Server , and make sure you choose : “Yes – Delete the user and remove the BlackBerry information from the user’s mail system” , this removes all the Blackberry information in Exchange for the User ( Hence the backup ) 3) Wipe the device ( Go to Options, Select Security Options, Select General Settings then Click the Menu key, Select Wipe Handheld, Click Continue, Type “blackberry”) 4) Perform a restore on the device with the blackberry backup you took 5) Setup the new user on the new server with an activation password 6) Perform a reactivation with the new enterprise server ( Option , Advanced Options , Enterpise Activation )
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