Setup TPG IP-Line on Fortigate

So you’ve just got a TPG IP Line connection and they have sent you your IP , how do you set this up on your Fortigate or other router?

They would have sent you an IP with Netmask e.g. : 210.9.x.x/30

How do you set this up on your router?

Enter the IP in the Subnet Calculator with the mask bit e.g. 30 and it will give you the range you can work from

38.242.x.x will be the network address cannot be used as it used to identify where the network starts

38.242.x.x ( +1) Will be the ISP Gateway , you need this to add a static route on the foritgate for this WAN Port

38.242.x.x ( +2) Will be the IP address you need to set on your Foritgate


Next you will need to add a policy to allow all outbound from Lan to the new WAN Port


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