How to download Device Management powershell scripts from intune

There is no current way to download existing Powershell Scripts Uploaded to Intune Device Management. To do this you have to use the graph API. There is a Demo called : DeviceManagementScripts_Get.ps1 , however it wasn’t working for me , so I created the below


This downloads a Single Script for you , it asks you for the id ( shows you each linked to the file name ) 

[pastacode lang=”markup” user=”pariswells” repos=”public-code” path_id=”DownloadSingleIntunepowershellScript.ps1″ revision=”” highlight=”” lines=”” provider=”github”/]

This downloads all the Scripts in your InTune Directory

[pastacode lang=”markup” user=”pariswells” repos=”public-code” path_id=”DownloadAllInTunePowershellFiles.ps1″ revision=”” highlight=”” lines=”” provider=”github”/]

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