Windows 2000 Registry Repair Bootable CD

Windows 2000 Setup Screen

This iso file , enables you to boot off the Windows XP Bootable floppy disks and run the Windows 2000 Registry Repair Tool , created with the help of Jayroo’s Instructions Below ( This is usually brought about by the system crashing or pulling the power early on the system before it has had time to properly shut-down ) Download and Burn the ISO to a Blank CD using a program such as DVDDecrypter 1) Make sure your computer is set to boot off CD Rom , This should be default for new computers , if not enter the bios and follow these guidelines 2) Once the computer successfully boots off the CD , a Blue Windows Setup Screen Should appear, Wait Until it has stopped and is on the screen above 3)Press the R Key *Not Enter* 4) This will then take you to a black screen displayed below

Windows XP Recovery Console

5) It should display your list of Windows Installations , By default your main Windows should be on 1 , so enter 1 and press enter and if needed enter the administrator password otherwise leave blank and press enter 6) Repairing should begin straight away , wait until it tells you it is ready to resart , remove the CD , and restart the computer which should boot into Windows
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