SBS 2008 and Blackberry Internet Service

Recently I was trying to activate a blackberry using Blackberry Internet Serivces ( BIG )  on a new Small business server 2008 Box. I went through the normal settings of Username : domain\username Password : password Webmail Address : Mailbox : username However the server address could not be verified, I checked the link and tried to login as the user through webmail and logged me in fine. I then tested the server through the EWS ( Exchange Web Services )  by trying to log the user in via using the same username and password. This did not let me in which would explain why the blackberry wasn’t validating. A server reboot did not fix the issue so ran “iisreset /noforce” which fixed the issue and allowed me to validate the email , however it seemed to go back to its old ways 30 Minutes later I downloaded Update rollup 10 installed an rebooted into the server , and seems to have rectified the issue
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Tags: Blackberry Internet Service, Exchange Web Services, SBS 2008, Update rollup 10

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