Iris Practice Software CORE Emulator failed to start SQL 2008

Upon migrating Iris accountancy practice manager from SQL Sever 2005 to SQL Server 2008 and a new Operating System, when trying to start a client machine after installing setup.exe from the new UNC patch , the following error is displaying

Module: CORE Emulator failed to start
Cause: Failed to login into database
Unspecified error
HRESULT hr=0x80004004
[DBNETLIB][Connectionopen (Connect()). ] Speccifies SQL Server was not found. , as found here for 2005 the SQL Browser Server needs starting , but the following other connection need enabling as well

Under SQL Server Configuration Manager go to SQL Server Configuration

Choose Protocols for your Iris Database Instance e.g. SQL Express

Make Sure Shared Memory , Named Pipes and TCP/IP are set to enabled

You will also need to specifiy the port you should open on the server firewall so remote clients can connect, if you open TCP/IP , go to the IP Address Tab and enter a Dynamic Port for IPALL ( At the bottom ) default 1433

If you open the firewall and add 2 inbound Allow rules for the following

1433 ( Or which ever port you choose for the above ) and TCP

1434 UDP

Restart the SQL Instance for your Iris database , and try again


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