Install Blackberry Enterprise Server Express on a Small Business Server 2003

Create a new user through the SBS Console named BesAdmin. Make sure this user is ONLY a member of Domain users and the Built-in Administrators group.


  • Set the correct permissions for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Administrator account
    • Open the Domain Controller Security Policy by clicking Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Domain Controller Security Policy.
    • Navigate to the User Rights by Local Policies->User Rights Assignment.
    • Add the BesAdmin account to the Allow Log on Locally and Log on as a Service permissions. ( define the Allow Log on Locally policy for BesAdmin, you must also give the Administrators group this right.)

    Grant Exchange View-Only Administrator permissions at the administrative group level.
    • In Exchange System Manager, right-click the first Exchange Server administrative group name, and then click Delegate Control.
    • Add the BesAdmin account as having the role of Exchange View-Only Administrator.
  • Grant Send As, Receive As, and Administer Information Store permissions at the server level for the Exchange Server.
    • In Exchange System Manager, expand the Servers group.
    • Right-click the Exchange Server, click Properties, and then click Security.
    • In the top pane, select the BlackBerry Enterprise Server service account. In the bottom pane, make sure that the Send As, Receive As, and Administer Information Store permissions are set to Allow.

  • Send as permissions for users
    • Open Active Directory Users and Computers.
    • Select the View menu and check the Advanced Features option.
    • Find the OU for all your SBS Users ( Usually SBSUsers)
    • Right-click the OU for which you are setting up the BlackBerry device, and click Properties.
    • On the Security tab select advanced, add the BesAdmin service account, use the drop down on the “Apply Onto” to choose “User Objects” and then click to select the “Send As” check box at the bottom


  • Install Software
    • Logoff and logon as BESadmin locally, you can do this through RDP , but you will need to add Besadmin as domain Admin for the right permissions
    Install the BES software, normally you just install BlackBerry Enterprise Server as most sites don’t use the MDS services (MDS is a much heavier install). Follow the prompts of the install and the server will be required to restart half way through the install. Restart the server and log back on as BESadmin and the install will continue. (Make sure the Connect Test works and the SRP ID etc is validated during the install)

Task 4: Assign Users
1. Within Blackberry Manager click on you server name in the left column and then the users TAB in the centre section, just add a user and the click on that user. You will see all the users? properties and a drop down menu called Service Access? and select ?Set Activation Password? and set a password of ?a? for example.

2. Turn on you BlackBerry device and ensure Wireless is enabled. Go into ?Options/Settings? and ?Time & Date? and set the correct zone and time etc. Then from the home screen go to enterprise activation and enter the users email address and enter the password that was set in step 1. Press the track wheel and select Activate. Within a minute you should get data returned which indicates the process is functioning correct.



Possible Issues

Emails where not reconciling off the blackberry when deleted off Outlook

In the BlackBerry Administration Service, on the Servers and components menu, expand BlackBerry Solution topology > BlackBerry Domain > Component view > Email.
Click the instance that you want to change.
Click Edit instance.
On the Messaging tab, in the Messaging options section, in the Hard deletes reconciliation drop-down list, click True and set up Message state database size to 1000 and restart “Blackberry Dispatcher” Service or Reboot Server

On Handheld

On menu, reconciliation should be set up as “mailbox and hanheld”…..and should set up as “prompt”
checked the option of “hide filed emails”

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