Hide Sent Messages from Outlook on Blackberry with BES

A user wanted to remove the default syncing of Outlooks Sent Items to the blackberry ( So any item she sent off her computer was NOT synced with her blackberry). She wanted to keep items she sent from her blackberry on her device though. This means the option to hide Sent items as below will not work as this will hide all the sent items
  • Homescreen > Messages > BBKey > Options > General Options
Scroll to the “Hide Sent Messages” field and set to Yes or No depending on your desire. It’s likely that one of these folks has that at Yes and the other at N To just hide the emails sent from your outlook on your blackberry and disable Sent Items Reconciliation you will need to create a rule on your blackberry
  • Homescreen > Messages > BBKey > Options > Email Filters
Create a new filter ( Menu Key and New ) and set the filter From Value to your email address of your account and then change the Forward options to Do Not Forward. This will only now save emails sent from your blackberry and not forward from your computer
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