Fortinet 60D Model with Telstra Sierra Wireless 320U


316NYS8Bn9L[1]USB Compatibility can be found here

A fortinet device does not recognise a Sierra Wireless 320U IMEI , you will need the following config

config system lte-modem
    set status enable
    set apn “Telstra.internet”
config system modem
    set status enable
    set auto-dial enable
    set connect-timeout 30
    set wireless-port 4
    set phone1 "*99#"
    set extra-init1 "at+cgdcont=1,\"IP\",\"telstra.internet\""
    set extra-init2 "at+cgdcont=1,\"IP\",\"telstra.internet\""
    set altmode disable
config system 3g-modem custom
    edit 1
        set vendor "Sierra Wireless"
        set model "320U"
        set vendor-id 1199
        set product-id 68aa


Enable 4G/LTE:

#config system global
#set usb-lte enable


#diagnose sys modem detect wireless
#diagnose sys modem external-modem


Create a Policy allowing outbound through the Modem

Change the static route to via Modem

Make sure DNS is set on DHCP

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