Error – Unable to copy the configuration file – VMWare Site Recovery

vmware_vcenter_site_recovery_manager_diagramWhen trying to test a Recovery Plan ( DR Bubble ) upon the starting up two of the machines we get the following error show up in the Errors

Error – Unable to copy the configuration file ‘MachineName.vmx’ from the host to ‘C:\Windows\TEMP\vmware-SYSTEM\machinename.vmx324-0’  – No file exists for given path.

We check the replication status manually as the gui is sometimes out of date by SSHing  into the host with the virtual machine and using:

vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms | grep –i vmname

This will give you the ID of the machine where you can then do this

vim-cmd hbrsvc/vmreplica.getState vmnameid

The status of the machine was just IDLE instead of Inactive which is incorrect.

Found using this command in /var/log/

grep -i hbr vmkernel.log | grep ” LWD delta transfer terminated (aborted)” | awk ‘{print $10}’ | sort -u

Brought up a load of diskid’s that had issues one of them was our VM. In the end we had to remove replication and reseed again.

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