Entourage Issues – Crashing on “Checking for Mail”

A friend has issues with his Entourage crashing when he opened it from scratch. It would the program then as soon as it checked for new email with the IMAP server it would lock Entrouage , and the only way to close it would be using the Force Quit option (right click on the icon in the task bar and choose Force Quit). A few shortcuts can be used to open Entourage with given options. Holding down the ALT Key while clicking to open Entourage will start the database checking and repair options Holding down the Shift Key while clicking to open Entourage will stop the automatic Send and Recieve on startup. I tried a Database Rebuild , with no luck , so I launched the program with SHIFT which stop the program freezing , however it would still freeze up when send and recieve was clicked. I tried a reinstallation of Entourage to no avail. I then updated the to the latest update, then opened up Entourage , right clicks on the Inbox and choose properties. Emptied the Cache and also a Fix Mailbox. Entourage was then able to send and recieve sucessfully
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Entourage Issues - Crashing on "Checking for Mail", 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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