Azure\365 – You cannot have more than 5 hardware token or authenticator apps – 2fa



Here are the steps to remove unnecessary Authenticator app/OAuth hardware token so that we can register new Authenticator app for this account:


  1. Visit login with account
  2. Click on the account at upper right corner, then click on “Profile”:

  1. Click on “Additional security verification” or “Edit security info”, pass MFA with SMS message.

  1. Now we will be able to manage Authenticator app/OAuth hardware token for this account, remove unnecessary ones so that we can register a new Authenticator app. Depending on whether the tenant has enabled converged registration experience, it will look like this:


Or this:


n the end I had to follow this link:L


From this post:


It enabled me to re-very my mobile number and take me to this page where I could delete the Auth app device:



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