Prerequisites for Microsoft Azure Planning Toolkit

  1. Server to install MAP onto ( this will install a SQL instance as well ). This server will need to be on constantly for 7 days
  2. V-Mware Login to ESX if they have this ( If they have Hyper-V ignore ) 
  3. An Account to Query your Domain and Computer accounts and OU where your servers list
  4. Administrator Logining to All servers for WMI Pooling as well as machines not on the domain such as Linux Machines ( Root ) 
  5. SQL Logins for SQL Servers
  6. If logins cannot be given or SSH does is not allowed below will need to be prepared for each machine
    1. Machine OS
    2. Physical and Virtual CPU Count
    3. Memory
    4. Number of Disks with Size and Free Space
    5. Rough Monthly Network Throughput
    6. Any High Disk I/O Operations


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