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Get the port number on the switch , if you stack you should get the switch number as well

You can use show int to list all the interfaces , get the switch port value e.g. gi/1/0.8

Use sh int gi1/0/8 to list the port details to make sure its up etc

Next run :

show mac address-table int gi1/0/8

( copy the address it gives you Address )

Next Run this

show arp | incl %macaddressofabove%

If it doesn’t show anything the device might not have an IP ( check port is on correct Vlan )

** A cheat , on a computer connected to the switch on the same Vlan and IP range , you can manually add an IP to the mac address then try and ping/access the device :

In Windows Xp

arp -s %spareip% %macAddress%

In Windows 7

netsh -c interface ipv4 add neighbors “Network Card Name” “IP Address” “MAC Address”
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and_receiver_h24bit_512 Citrix have released Citrix Reciever 4.1 up from the previous version 4.0. Upon installing this on a machine with Citrix Reciever 4.0 installed  , when trying to run the program it asks for .Net Framwork 4.5 to be installed.

Microsoft does not support Windows XP and .NET  4.5 Framework so this is impossible

To get around this , install .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 on the XP image and the software will start

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Windows XP Fix

The HP Laserjet 2011 randomly starts crashing the print spooler in Windows XP. This is a problem with the driver and PDF’s that needs fixing using the following :

Delete the printer and remove it from the registry, in highlighted location.

Then reinstall printer using Laserjet 6 drivers.


 Windows 7 Fix

Extract the DLL files from the zip and paste them in the following location in Win 7 32bit.


Or if Win 7 64bit.


It should ask you to overwrite the existing ones, and that’s it.


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