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Work 9.X

  • Middleware logging – > Provides logging on the iManage.dll. Client talks to Server. Use for Login issues, Refiling, displaying folder content
  • Integration logging – > Used for logging Office issues. Lost Edits, errors, 0 byte files
  • iManext logging – > Extension library. Dialogs and all functions of  WorkSite
  • EM logging – > Toolbar not loading, performance issues, filing issues
  • FileSite / BulkLoader – > FileSite provides logging for client side filing requests
  • Suggested Filing -> Logging to understand why a specific suggestion is made to user or none at all
  • WSMapi logging  – > Filing operations using the Inbox filer, Sent Items filer, and filing suggestions or saving attachments
  • OffSite –>Performance issues during syncing, errors, and why content is not synched

Work 10

New Standardized Verbose Logging
Change <level value=”INFO” /> to <level value=”DEBUG” />

New Standardized Log Location

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