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  1. Upgrade your existing controller to the latest version ( Download from here ) run through setup and install over the top which will upgrade it
  2. Backup your existing Database
  3. Install New Version of Controller on new server
  4. On Launch for the first time, Restore the Backup file to the new server
  5. Migrate AP’s to new Controller using SSH defined here ( Usually same as controller )

    SSH login Username : ubnt
    Password : 

    After login run : 

    set-inform http://dnsnameofnewcontroller.domain.local:8080/inform
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When upgrading to the latest UniFi Controller and AP firmware, RADIUS authentication may stop working in that the wireless SSIDs that require RADIUS authentication will not even broadcast.

If this happens to you, check that there is a password set in the RADIUS Accounting Server field:

UniFi Controller > Settings > Profiles > Edit the respective profile

It seems that this field is left blank by default when upgrading to the latest version of the UniFi Controller. After filling in this field with the same password used above (clicking on the field will display the Password/Shared Secret), the wireless SSID immediately started working again.

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You might have setup a new Ubiqiti access point using a controller based at another site, which is not the final destination of the device, so it is no longer configurable when you get to the new site.

If you can get the Old controller back up and connect to the access points you can use the below to move the Access Points to a new site via the Site Migration 

If you cannot connect to the old controller anymore you can try logging into the access point via IP and doing:

You can use the Same Old Controller name : 

  1. SSH into AP with former controller’s credentials
  2. in controller, forget AP
  3. reset to default with ‘ restor-default’
    connection will be terminated
  4. SSH into AP with ubnt/ubnt
  5. use mca-cli shell
  6. set-inform x.x.x.x:8080/inform
  7. where x.x.x.x is the ip of the new unifi controller
  8. in controller, adopt the AP
  9. repeat step 7 after adoption (sometimes this is necessary to get to provisioning)
  10. AP will reboot and provision

Finally you can perform a factory reset on the device to join it to a new controller 

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