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The process below is how to re-register Vmware Update Manager

cd /lib/vmware-updatemgr/bin

mkdir backup

cp -p extension.xml backup/

cp -p vci-integrity.xml backup/

cp -p jetty-vum* backup/

Now go ahead and finish the failed registration with this command:

/usr/lib/vmware-updatemgr/bin/vmware-vciInstallUtils -C /usr/lib/vmware-updatemgr/bin/ -L /var/log/vmware/vmware-updatemgr/ -I /usr/lib/vmware-updatemgr/bin/ -v <your vCenter FQDN> -p 80 -U [email protected]<your SSO domain> -P <password> -S /usr/lib/vmware-updatemgr/bin/extension.xml -O extupdate

Upon running the above, I got an error saying it didn’t like the password , I had to put it in single quotes

chown updatemgr:updatemgr vci-integrity.xml

service-control –start vmware-updatemgr

Note: In the command above replace the information <your vCenter FQDN> with your own vcenter FQDN. 

/usr/lib/vmware-updatemgr/bin/ -v <your vCenter FQDN> -p 80 -U [email protected]<your SSO domain> -P <password>

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2014-06-17_16h26_59[1]Recently during a Veeam backup HA kicked in due to a problem with VCenter and marked two machines as Invalid

  •  Veeam started backup and created snapshot on affected VMs
  • HA kicked in after VCenter Server failure
  • Vcenter tried to move the machines after the HA event but they were locked by the snapshot Veeam had (the hypervisor has a lock because of the snapshot)
  • Machine couldn’t move but Vmware removed them from inventory and tried to register them to another host, without success
  • Machines marked as Invalid, Removing machines from Inventory and registering the machines manually did not work
  • The machines are locked however still powered on and response

Fix to get VM’s registered on VCenter

  • Stop any tasks (i.e. Veeam) that might trigger a snapshot on affected machines
  • Temporarily disable DRS in the cluster (when we power up the machine we don’t want Vsphere to power it up on another host otherwise the lock will persists)
  • Power affected VMs off gracefully from within the OS.
  • Login to vcenter and select Host which failed and . Unregister “unkown” VM’s listed (these should be the actual Vms). Unregistering should remove the lock.
  • Register the virtual machines using the vmx files in the datastore
  • Check no snapshots are present, if yes delete or consolidate
  • Power on Vm
  • Re-enable DRS
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