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configure mstp revision 3
##Sets STPD Mode (MSTP)
configure stpd s0 mode mstp cist
##Binds all Vlans to STPD
enable s0 auto-bind vlan 1-4094
##Enable below for all ports APART from Uplinks
configure s0 ports auto-edge on #<ports>
##Enables STPD
enable stpd s0
##SAVE config
save config primary
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mit-logo[1]To get Autodiscover working on a certificate that does not have any extra SAN’s available apart from it’s main Conical Name on the Certificate , you will need to use either a autodiscoer.xml file hosted on the companies main website or create a SRV record with the registrar.

The registrar was Melbourne IT , who for some reason don’t have valid DNS validation so records get stuck “Publishing”. After trial and error I finally got the records needed and beat their own Helpdesk by 2 Weeks to the fix.

Name : ( remember dot on the end )

TTL : Can be left @ their default 86400 but should be 3600

Priority : 0

Port : 443

Weight : 0

Service : _autodiscover

Protocol :  _tcp

Target : ( domain name on the CN Cert) ( remember dot on the end )

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