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After I found HP’s version of 6.5 wasn’t stable yet :聽聽

We needed to roll back to v6 UP2

You can usually do this if you’ve done an upgrade by Pressing SHIFT and R on the Vmware load screen and roll back to the old version. For some reason the upgrade process had not set a restore point so we will have to do this manually.

I did try the below method of backing up and restore the config files , however this does not work between versions 馃檨聽 --server ESXi_host_IP_address -s backup.tgz --server=ESXi_host_IP_address --username=root -l backup.tgz --server=ESXi_host_IP_address --username=root -r

So we will have to do this manually

Settings to copy down before reinstall.

  1. IP/Subnet/Gateway and DNS of Server
  2. All VSwitch Configurations ( Names , Vlan聽ID’s ) as well as VKernel IP’s
  3. Make sure if your using NFS You get the paths for these , also check the VSwitch Active Active Settings ( E.g. IP Hash )聽
  4. Scratch Disk Locations (聽Click the Configuration tab, then click Advanced Settings under Software. Ensure that 聽)
  5. NTP Settings

Reinstall server from scratch and reenter manually


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HP Vmware 6.5 – PSOD

Recently installed聽VMware-ESXi-6.5.0-OS-Release-4564106-HPE-650.聽after installing the lastest support HP Firmware :聽871790_001_spp-2016.10.0-SPP2016100.2016_1015.191.iso

On a G8 Proliant server , upon Vmotioning servers onto the box 5 minutes after the install, I got a purple screen of death

Contacted Vmware

This PSOD is a known issue with the HP Hardware server in ESXi 6.5.

This is still under investigation and VMware Engineering Team is aware of this issue.

The 聽Primary suspect is the hp-ilo driver failing to unlock the resources before attempting to lock again which is causing a deadlock situation.


To contact HP Hardware Support to see if they have any workaround for this issue.

We will get back to you when VMware Engineering Team has a fix/workaround on this issue.

Ask to see the KB

This particular KB is internal only, currently we do not have a public version as VMware and HP are working together on this issue.

Contacted HP

HP saw nothing wrong with the Hardware or iLO wanted to replace motherboard.

I’ve had this before this is their go to if they don’t know what’s wrong


This looks to be a common theme :聽

Will ESXi 6.5 work on HP Gen6 servers? from homelab


The fix at the moment is to install the Vailla聽version of 6.5 ( without HP drivers ) which stops Vmware on reporting the hardware or to roll back to 6.0 UP 2 ( which is a reinstall! )聽


***** Update , HP have fixed their iLO Driver

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