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Work 9.X

  • Middleware logging – > Provides logging on the iManage.dll. Client talks to Server. Use for Login issues, Refiling, displaying folder content
  • Integration logging – > Used for logging Office issues. Lost Edits, errors, 0 byte files
  • iManext logging – > Extension library. Dialogs and all functions of  WorkSite
  • EM logging – > Toolbar not loading, performance issues, filing issues
  • FileSite / BulkLoader – > FileSite provides logging for client side filing requests
  • Suggested Filing -> Logging to understand why a specific suggestion is made to user or none at all
  • WSMapi logging  – > Filing operations using the Inbox filer, Sent Items filer, and filing suggestions or saving attachments
  • OffSite –>Performance issues during syncing, errors, and why content is not synched

Work 10

New Standardized Verbose Logging
Change <level value=”INFO” /> to <level value=”DEBUG” />

New Standardized Log Location

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An email from this sender could not be delivered to your mailbox as it has failed DKIM verification. To comply with government security standards the ATO cannot accept emails that fail DKIM integrity checks because the email cannot be verified as genuine.

Currently there is an issue causing emails from organisations using Office 365 to fail DKIM verification.

Office 365 has implemented its own DKIM features and customers must ensure that outbound DKIM is correctly configured for their domain (DNS) and namespace (Office 356 Administration).



How to enable DKIM on 365

You will need to enable DKIM outbound DNS Verification on either 365

These need to point to

Your onmicrosoftalias is the domain GUID and can be retrieved from the MX record for your domain

You then need to enable

View Powershell :  

New-DkimSigningConfig –DomainName –Enabled $true

Or through GUI : 


If you send out via another provider e.g. a spam filter you will need to check the method on the spam filter of enabling this

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If you’ve never used a Cisco Access point ( Aironet ) by default out of the box or after a factory reset the dot11rad 0 interface will be set to shutdown and will no broadcast any of your SSID’s

Also by default only webpage administration is available, you can enable SSH through the website Administration

Enabled through SSH :  

ap(config)#interf dot11rad 0

ap(config)#no shutdown

Depending if you have 1 or 2 SSID you will need to enable Guest mode or MutliGuest Mode

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