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If you move a domain to 123reg, the status might go to ErrorQuerying

This is due to the fact the IPS Tag is incorrect or you did not set when you do the transfer. It needs to be set before you start the transfer

The resolution is to re-transfer the domain again through the checkout ( you do not need to remove ) 

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When trying to join a vcenter to domain I was given the following error in the GUI

“The format of the specified computer name is invalid”

Turns out you can join the computer using a CLI , 

Putty into the VCenter and run

shell.set --enabled true

go to

/opt/likewise/bin/domainjoin-cli join Domain_Administrator Password

I was then showed this : 

the hostname may not be ‘linux’ or ‘localhost’

Turn out the Vcenter DNS had been set to localhost.localdom ( due to it being added using an IP ) which it didn’t like. Changing the host name to the correct one fixed this


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