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I was swapping DB’s on a Citrix cluster , I shutdown the DB’s per


Add-PSSnapin Citrix*
Set-LogSite -State Disabled
Set-LogDBConnection -DataStore Logging -DBConnection $null
Set-MonitorDBConnection -DataStore Monitor -DBConnection $null
Set-MonitorDBConnection -DBConnection $null
Set-AcctDBConnection -DBConnection $null
Set-ProvDBConnection -DBConnection $null
Set-BrokerDBConnection -DBConnection $null
Set-EnvTestDBConnection -DBConnection $null
Set-SfDBConnection -DBConnection $null
Set-HypDBConnection -DBConnection $null
Set-AnalyticsDBConnection -DBConnection $null
Set-ConfigDBConnection -DBConnection $null -force
Set-LogDBConnection -DBConnection $null -force
Set-AdminDBConnection -DBConnection $null -force

When Trying to change to new DB

$dbs = “Server=XXXX;Initial Catalog=XXXX;Integrated Security=True”

set-ConfigDBconnection -dbconnection $dbs

There was an error “There Was a Problem Communicating with the Citrix Delegated Administration Service”

I had to restart the powershell as Admin , then it let me set again

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Recently I got hold of a Fortinet Lab FG-100D. The Fan in this unit is around 50db and not suitable for a lounge. The device is not licensed and out of support so I could ‘tweak’ it!

The quietest 4-Pin ( sending feedback back to to the Fortinet of fan speed so it can adjust ) 40mmx 20mm fan I could find was a NF-A4x20 with 15db of noise , however much-reduced airflow!

The NF-A4x20 comes with a different fan plug then the Fortinet Socket. The connect should match the other size , however a little pressure helps the fortinet socket accept this! 

The good thing about this fan is it also comes with a LNA ( Low noise adapter ) a cable that drops down the (voltage) speed of the fan. The 100D also has two power fan points. I was able to put the LNA on the original fan, then readjust the fans like below. I ran both for a week however sometimes the old fan would whir up, so I ended up disconnecting the original and left the NF-A4x20 and it has been stable!



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