image1[1]Recently I was trying to take a backup of the configuration for a NetApp SAN for a scheduled power shutdown. Per this useful guide : this can be done through the OnCommand facility.

However once I tried to create the backup file I was given the error configuration plugin for data ontap version 8.1.1 is not installed. A look on Netapp Support shows I would need to download the software and install , however when I checked the below I only found version 8.1.3 which means I would need to reinstall and upgrade. I just wanted to get a config backup before the power down!!!

  1. Go to & login using your account.
  1. Go to Download -> Software
  1. Go to the Data ONTAP download section and supply the model of your controller (FAS2240-4) and click “GO”.
  1. In the “Data ONTAP for FAS2240-4” page, find ONTAP 8.1.1 and click “View and Download” button.
  1. Scroll down to the section titled, “Support for OnCommand Core Package or Operations Manager and DataFabric® Manager server multiple-system configurations
  1. Click the link under that section titled “Data ONTAP 8.1.1 Operating in 7-Mode Plug-in for DataFabric Manager Server”.

So I found another way 🙂

1) Login to the netapp controllers indivdually via SSH ( not through the service port )

2) Run ‘config dump -v nameofbackup’, this will backup to the \etc\configs directory

3) Open \\nameofnetappcontroller\c$ ( Samba share )

4) Browse to \\nameofnetappcontroller\c$\etc\configs and copy the file off

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keychain_problem[1]I recently went to fix 2 Macs that had been updated to Mavericks and were displaying login prompts below for Keychain Access

  • CalendarAgent
  • accountsd
  • AddressBookSourceSync

There are multiple fixes on the internet which eventually fixed them both

First Fix

  • Open Up Keychain Access
  • Click on Preferences
  • Go to General
  • Reset My Default KeyChain
  • Go back to Preferences then choose KeyChain First aid and run a repair and fix

Second Fix

  • In Finder Select Go in Top Toolbar while pressing the Option key and Click on Libray
  • Go into the /Keychains/ Folder
  • Look for a folder with a name similar to this “A8F5E7B8-CEC1-4479-A7DF-F23CB076C8B8”.
  • Move this folder to the Trash.
  • Immediately choose Apple Menu (?) > Restart… to restart your Mac.

Third Fix

  • Go into Keychain
  • Choose Preferences
  • Choose First Aid Tab
  • Choose “Syncronise login keychain password with account”

Try this if it’s asking you every 5 minutes, instead if just on startup.

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J8699ARecently a HP 5406 Switch randomly crashed in the middle of a working day. A reboot fixed this however , we wanted to update the firmware from V12.16 to the latest version  K.15.09.0012, ROM K.15.28

The link to the latest firmware is here :

After backing up all the config, We downloaded the K.15.09.0012 firmware to start with. These switches have Primary and Secondary firmwares which allows some fault tollerence when it comes to an upgrade. If the Primary firmware fails it will switch to secondary so you can reflash

Upon trying to upload the K.15.09.0012, ROM K.15.28 via the web interface , it error-ed on Internet Explorer and Firefox with no immediate error. The next method we tried was a Telnet Firmware Upgrade , a bit more long winded.

We setup a TFPT server to be able to download the

Just download this free TFTP Server tool and setup defaults and copy the firmware to C;\TFPT ( or your default location )

Next we telneted into the Switch , and used the Command Menu to bring up the Switch Menu

We then went to Download OS , entered the TFTP IP of the PC with the file and the file name , and it brought back

Aborted, File Error

OK so the switch is bouncing back the file , probably because it’s referencing something with the current version ( The web interface should of been nice and told us this! )

After checking the ReadMe for the 15 upgrade , we found the following :

(BootROM K.12.12 – K.12.14)  Update and reload into software version K.13.58 or K.13.68

So we updated to K.13.68 (for BootROM updates only) via telnet which worked , and then updated to K.15.09.0012, ROM K.15.28

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This resets the FRS Journal Wrap for the replications

  1. Click Start, and then click Run.
  2. In the Open box, type cmd and then press ENTER.
  3. In the Command box, type net stop ntfrs.
  4. Click Start, and then click Run.
  5. In the Open box, type regedit and then press ENTER.
  6. Locate the following subkey in the registry:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\NtFrs\Parameters\Backup/Restore\Process at Startup
  7. In the right pane, double-click BurFlags.
  8. In the Edit DWORD Value dialog box, type D2 and then click OK.
  9. Quit Registry Editor, and then switch to the Command box.
  10. In the Command box, type net start ntfrs.
  11. Quit the Command box.
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Most software that comes with nework printers ( HP, Brother or Lemark ) addprinters through a WDS Printer Port Interface. This is good when it works, because printers advertise themselves on networks so windows can find them as well as their device driver. Sometimes I find the WDS Service stops on local machines causing issues. Trying to diganose whether the problem is communication related between the computer and the printer or an actual printer issue is hard through WDS. If I go get issues I like to find the IP address of the device to ping it, as well as remapping the device through a Local TCP/IP address instead of WDS. To find the IP address of a printer using WDS in Windows 7 or Visata. If you right click on the print in Device and Printers, and click properties. You should be able to see the Web Services Tab. Click on this and at the bottom should be the IP Address. If the device responds a ping reply, then try changing the port to TCP.

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When a new user was logging into Windows 7  machine the following error messaged dispalyed : “User Profile Service service failed the logon Windows 7”. This is usually down to a corrupt user profile, so I logged in as administrator and tried to find the users profile however is was not loaded in the registry or registered as a user profile in the System Advanced Settings.

Looking round the easiest resolve seemed a system restore to a previous date however this did not fix the issue. I checked the event log to find there was a user profile being setup in C:\Users\ area. After checking the folder I tried to delete all the tempory user profiles for the user ( e.g. .000 and .001 ) however I couldn’t due to permissions.

I opened the comma nd windows up as administrator and used the ‘ rmdir /s /q “C:\Users\Username” ‘ command however there where some files I couldn’t delete involved with the rapport service. Looking into the event log , when the profile was being built it was having issues copying in the .cfg’s files for Rapport.

I unistalled rapport , removed the temporary directorties and it worked!

User Profile Service service failed the logon Windows 7

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I’ve been promoting a local business. Now the main task is to get the Google Places up as soon as possible. I also submit to as many local directories as possible! I performed this over a weekend and I was taken back how many calls I recieved the following Monday of people wanting to sell me premium membship to these directory sites. The phone call ususally goes along the lines of “Hows your website doing at the moment , is your website important to you, we can help you become top for your keyword etc etc” I just wanted to get down to the actual price figure like most sales calls, I was amazed at some of the prices being ask for by some of these companys e.g. Applegate : £500/Year City Visitor : £500/Year Qype : £250/ Month per country! Thompson : £300 for 1 Town and £360 2 Town : £39 / Month for 6 Month Trial – ( They partner with google to get you up the listings!) I guess this is down to the fact how google ranks places listings first for local search , and submission to these directories via sponsored links can help your google places rankings!
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Well having had issues with Mcafee before , this was another issue that took some research to find out what was going on! A friend asked me to check an email problem he was having. He had 2 computers in his house on the same net connection. The email was hosted by GoDaddy, one pc was recieving email over IMAP fine , the other had been , but one day decided to stop. The connection windows in thunderbird brought up “thunderbird refused connection”. At first I removed the SSL connection for IMAP and changed the port to 143. This still brought up the same error. I make sure I could communicate to the imap server and nothing was blocking it router side through telnet “telnet 143” . This brought back the correct IMAP headers so communication was fine which was even stranger. I then used the netstat command to find out what was listening and commuicating in the background. Bingo, I found Mcafee version of svchost.eve was listening on pop3 port 110. I thought this was strange as there was no pop3 email accounts setup on this computer. I unistalled Macfee Internet Security which was on a trial with the laptop and has been disabled, and straight away this fixed the email problem without even restarting! I would like to big up two awesome sites for when you get a new laptop , Decrapifier to remove all the trial rubbish and toolbars you get with a new computer that manufactures make tiny amounts on from the software producers, but loose twice as much with support calls due to it Ninite automated installer for opensource and freeware software

PC Decrapifier


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?Recently a user tried to go to a web page with Flash Adverts , and it brought up the following error message “A script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player 10 to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?  Yes / No.” I test to a flash site such as YouTube proved no problems at all I used Reinstalled Adobe Flash , with still no joy , Removed Adobe Flash using the Adobe Flash Uninstaller then tried to reinstall but still problems. Tools , Internet Options , General Tab , Browsing History, Delete Chose the following : History , Cookies and Temporary Internet Files , Press delete and this fixed the error!
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Upon opening up windows XP User Profiles and trying to delete or copy to another profile , the button is greyed out. Even though you have logged out of the account in question if you would like to delete it or copy to or from it Windows XP thinks its open. Resolution Restart the computer from fresh and login to another account with Local Administrator access without being the account you would like to delete or Copy From or To and the button should re appear black and let you select it!
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