The page here has a solution however it doesn’t work : and the topic is closed hence for this post!

You need to edit this file : wpsc-transaction_results.php

I placed my code after the true statment for correct purchase

if ( ( true === $echo_to_screen ) && ( $cart != null ) && ( $errorcode == 0 ) && ( $sessionid != null ) ) {            
The value you need is $cart[0][prodid];

There are 2 array’s you can get information from $purchase_log and $cart



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Recently a collegue contacted me for some help with his university degree. The project was to create a website that was backed by a database. My background is mainly PHP and MySQL however, the course had been teaching them how to manipulate an MDB Access Database file using ASP. The outline of the task was a document management system for projects.

  • A user would enter their unique company number into a page
  • It would list available projects for that company
  • User would select the project and login with a username and password
  • The website would list all files which he had permission to access

The tutorials the lecturer had given out used dreamweaver to create the ADODB.Connection , however it seemed an over complicated way of doing it. After a bit of online research my first ASP project is below ( Could be better but only had an evening to do it! )


code here :

This code manages the Company ID input then list the projects from that company


Takes the project ID from index.asp and checks the permissions table after username and password verficiation for files they have access to

code here  :


File here :

4 Tables

Users -> Username , Password and ID

Projects -> Project Name , Company ID Associated with that Project and Project ID

Permissions -> FileID and UserID

Company -> Company Name , Company Number and ID


Definitely prefer PHP to ASP!

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I used the existing code here to generate a list of Albums and Galleries from NextGEN Gallery, then used used CSS to produce an Accordion Menu file structure

PHP Code : File Link Here Save this file in your plugins directory : nextgen-gallery/view as “album-list.php” , you can then call this in a wordpress page by using “[album id=0 template=list]” on the page

CSS Code Add this CSS to the bottom of your CSS File in your wordpress theme , edit for your own site color etc File Link Here

Once this has been done , organise your galleries and into albums , then this will start populating!
Link the bullet point image mentioned :
Due to Comments below I have added the whole Style.css based on twenty ten theme : and nggallery.css just in case it’s changed with a latest version of NextGen


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Migrating Printers from One server to the other can be a harmless process and here’s how! First download “Windows Print Migrator 3.1” usually found here if not google it Open the printer migrator on your Old server ( The one you wish to transfer the printers from ) and Select the Action Menu then Backup This will backup all your printers drivers , shares and names etc to a cab file Open the printer migrator on your new server , and Action Menu then Restore. This now replicates the printer setup you had on your old server. All that needs to happen now is the clients need to readd the printers using the new server. This can be automated with this script saved as a .vbs and entered under a group policy for the OU Click on the more to see the code!

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