How to reboot HP Records Manager

Posted by paris on Aug 21, 2017 in Random, Research

Ensure these instructions are followed before the reboot occurs.

To shut down your IDOL services:

  1. On your IDOL server, navigate to a web browser and run the following two commands (we recommend having 3 separate tabs open, and running one command per tab):
    1. http://localhost:9002/action=stop
    2. http://localhost:9102/action=stop

If these commands run successfully, you should see the below response from the browser:


  1. Navigate to Windows Services, and ensure that the following services have stopped:
    1. HP Records Manager IDOL Service
    2. HP Records Manager IDOL Content Service 1

If the above services have stopped, you can proceed with rebooting your IDOL server.


Stopping the services via Windows Services can cause IDOL to become corrupt

If the services have NOT stopped, you will need to stop them via Windows Services. Please DO NOT stop the services using Windows Services until you have tried the above method, and confirmed the services have not ceased.

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Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse not working on startup

Posted by paris on Aug 2, 2017 in Random

Recently had a machine on Windows 7 on boot would not recognise the keyboard unless you unplug and plug in the USB wireless controller. The mouse however would work fine.

Turns out the set and point drivers should be installed for this to work 


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