Upgrade  DocuCentre-IV C3375 Firmware

Please do it on the Copier Machine  DocuCentre-IV C3375


  1. Press the silver [Services Home] button on the Control Panel.


  1. Press the [Login/Out] button on the Control Panel.


  1. Enter the System Administrator’s User ID and then select [Enter] on

    the Touch Screen. If ‘Enter’ is unavailable, select [Next] and then enter

    the System Administrator’s Passcode then select [Enter].


NOTE: The default System Administrator User ID is: 11111 and the

default System Administrator Passcode is: x-admin.


  1. Select [Tools] from the right of the ‘Services Home’ screen.

Select [Maintenance] from the ‘Features’ column.

    Select [Software Upgrade].

  1. Wait for the Fuji Xerox device to communicate with the EP Server.


  1. Select [Start Upgrade].


NOTE: If ‘Unable to retrieve the Software Version’ is displayed, then

press [Cancel] and exit the ‘Tools’ menu by repeatedly pressing [Close]

at the top right of screen.


  1. The software download will begin and a download progress bar will

be shown.

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