Things to Turn on in Office 365 Out the Box

Disable Clutter Mode in Outlook



  • Office 365 subscriptions billing administrators goes to [email protected] email
  • Azure configured in subscriptions
  • Management
  • Azure using ea configured per department

Organisation Profile

  • Company Information
  • Technical contact
  • Azure AD Connect
  • Get-MsolCompanyInformation
  • Set-MsolCompanyContactInformation -TechnicalNotificationEmails “<email address>”
  • Technical contact should be set to generic IT email address for the client. If in doubt, use
  • Message center preference – disable weekly digest

Azure AD Connect

Notification to generic email address


Security & Compliance

Region and industry settings – configure appropriately

Enable Auditing of admin user activities

  1. Visit an Office 365 admin
  2. Click Search & investigation
  3. Click Audit log search
  4. If it’s not enabled you’ll see a link to Start recording user and admin activities. Click it to enable the Unified Audit Log.

User Accounts

Enforce MFA

Update wallpaper on domain controllers for clients we managed to notify administrator that MFA has been turned on for Office 365.

MFA activation issue default to use SMS, update account to use mobile app


Enable Remember password for 14 days as a company wide settings

Disable user ability to change their password via Office 365 portal, if Azure AD Premium is not purchased.

Otherwise, password write back should be implemented for Azure Premium clients.


Exchange Online

Limit permission for outlook Groups –

Auditing of mailbox – audit owner activities

Legal hold or archiving?

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