How to Install N-Able agent Mac OS X

Installing N-able on a windows machine is as simple as running an MSI with the customer ID and creates an activation key for you 

On a Mac you would think this would be the same however not! 

  1. Add the Device Manually on the N-able server under your client

Enter the Device Name and IP Address ( address should be fully qualified domain pc.domain.local ) , change the machine Workstation OSX and class to correct

Set Local Agent Tab to Manual Click Save Button

Navigate to the nearly created device and go to Settings and sub Tab Local Agent

Download the  agent-macosx.tar.gz file from the link it gives you and copy the Activation Key

Extract the  agent-macosx.tar.gz on the Mac after downloading 

Open “agent-macos.pkg”

If you getcan’t be open because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed”, please change Security and Privacy settings as follow ?nd try again:

1. Open “System Preferences”
2. Select “Security & Privacy”
3. Go to General tab
4. Click the Lock (bottom-left corner) to unlock it (administrative password is required)
5. Set “Allow apps downloaded from” to Anywhere
6. Close the dialog
7. Repeat agent installation
8. Change “Security & Privacy” to the initial setting if needed

Once running it might fail to generate an Activation Key , if you go back you can choose to authenticate with a key , use the Key you copied from previous step and this should activate

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