How to Renew/Replace SSL Certificate on Mobile Iron MDM Server

0608d9febb596d76b881b3c767ef1832_400x400[1]Login to Mobile Iron Mics

Go to Security then Certificate Mgmt

Click Manage Certificates , then Choose Generate CSR , Enter Details and use correct Key Length with the Certificate Provider. After Clicking Generate , copy the CSR Request as well as the private key text into Notepad

Use the CSR to generate a Certificate Request from a Third Party e.g. Digicert.

Download the .CER from the Provider as well as any Root Certs ( DigiCert there is one )

Edit the .CER File in Windows Notepad and add the Private Key Text to the top , as well as the Root Cert text in Order e..g


<—-Private key Start—–>

<—-Private key End—–>

<—-Root key Cert Start—–>

<—-Root key Cert End—–>

<—-MDM Certificate key Cert Start—–>

<—-MDM Certificate key Cert Close—–>

Save this as Cert without a file type

Upload this to Mobile Iron’s Client TLS and Portal HTTPS


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