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Azure Single Sign-On 

Identifier (Entity ID):

Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL): 

Download Certificate file (.cer) and store on iManage server e.g. C:\SSL\

HIVE: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Interwoven\WorkSite\imDmsSvc 


SAML Attribute: 

SAML Endpoint:

SAML Key File: C:\SSL\iManageSAML.cer 

SAML Logout Endpoint: 


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Make sure your Avaya phone system has been setup with a routeable DNS Server per

Create a user in 365 with a License 

On the IP Office under the SMTP Tab put the following:
Server Address –
Port – 587 – Mine was intermittently working with 25 so I switched it and it has worked on 587.
Email From Address –
Use STARTTLS – Checked
Server Requires Auth – Checked
Username –
Password – admin accounts password
Use CRAM-MD5 – Unchecked

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Had a user who was getting blank screens when opening chat windows for Skype for Business and he couldn’t see text or type in messaging window so I thought I’d reset all the settings :


Close Lync.exe

Close Outlook.exe


Delete Folder : \%AppData%\Roaming\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Lync

Delete in Registry following key:


3) Reopen Skype for Business

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After I found HP’s version of 6.5 wasn’t stable yet : 

We needed to roll back to v6 UP2

You can usually do this if you’ve done an upgrade by Pressing SHIFT and R on the Vmware load screen and roll back to the old version. For some reason the upgrade process had not set a restore point so we will have to do this manually.

I did try the below method of backing up and restore the config files , however this does not work between versions 🙁 --server ESXi_host_IP_address -s backup.tgz --server=ESXi_host_IP_address --username=root -l backup.tgz --server=ESXi_host_IP_address --username=root -r

So we will have to do this manually

Settings to copy down before reinstall.

  1. IP/Subnet/Gateway and DNS of Server
  2. All VSwitch Configurations ( Names , Vlan ID’s ) as well as VKernel IP’s
  3. Make sure if your using NFS You get the paths for these , also check the VSwitch Active Active Settings ( E.g. IP Hash ) 
  4. Scratch Disk Locations ( Click the Configuration tab, then click Advanced Settings under Software. Ensure that  )
  5. NTP Settings

Reinstall server from scratch and reenter manually


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