If you host your Azure MFA User Portal outside of your MFA Server e.g. in a DMZ , the User portal server has to speak to this MFA server via SSL using the SDK and also via a certificate. Make sure the SSL of you MFA server is valid. It might be self signed internally on that server ( cannot be from the domain as the DMZ server can’t speak to your domain ) so you need to create a new one and transfer it securely to the User portal and install it on the Trusted Root Authority 


This certificate cannot be verified up to a trusted certification

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Trying to login to the Webportal of GFI Archiver brings up a basic authentication prompt. It should use your signed in credentials to SSO into the App

Recycling the site Application pool in ISS and was then able to login successfully.



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Latency Threshold – I would say to start with 50-60 Seconds to avoid any false positives.

Failure Counter threshold –  I would suggest to start with 5-6 for the same reasons.

Admin Notifications – I would suggest to notify via SMS as well, in case email is down. But if you are doing that, you will firstly have to make sure you are syncing the Mobile numbers from AD using the correct AD Attribute in Mimecast(https://community.mimecast.com/docs/DOC-1478). Then you also have to make sure that you set that attribute up to be used as the mobile attribute for SMS notifications in Administration > Account > Account Settings > System Notification Options. Then, you also have to make sure that the admins that need these SMS notifications, subscribe to them. Guidance on subscribing here – https://community.mimecast.com/docs/DOC-2085. Further details on using SMS in Continuity Here – https://community.mimecast.com/docs/DOC-2104.

Affected Group – You have to select a group that covers all users. Otherwise when you get the notification, if you opt to start a Continuity Event from the dashboard, it will only affect the Admin group you have selected.

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Upgrade VCenter

In order to ensure protection is not affected when upgrading or replacing a vCenter, the vCenter database should be preserved

Upgrade then make sure Replication all comes back green


Upgrade Hosts

Before Upgrading the Hosts to the latest ESXi , double check the current version of Zerto supports the version you are putting on or you will get the error on Upgrade “VRA unsupported esx version”

Migrate all VM’s to other VPG’s , migrate 6 VM’s at a time

Once VM’s migrated , shutdown VRA and VRAH , restart upgrade host

You can migrated VCC machines to other hosts without effecting replication


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Check the below


http://prev.mydomain.com:18681/admin [Running, Access from Work Server]



  1. Restart Prizm Service on your Preview Server is not started


  2. Check registry on your Workserver

    – Ensure the registry MSH Host contains the correct value in the following format: ‘http://hostname:PortNumber’

    – Ensure the registry PAS Host contains the correct value in the following format:


    Note: The port number should be the same in both registry entries.


  3. Check the configuration file ‘rendition.cfg’ on your Workserver to ensure that the ‘RenditionEngineAlpha-Preview’ section is pointing to ‘end_point = http://hostname:18681/PCCIS’


  4. Install the same SSL cert (as used in the Work10 server) into the Preview Server


  5. Restart the following services (even if it is started) from your Work10 server

    iManage Active MQ
    iManage Micro Services Hub

  6. clear Preview Cache manually, please perform the following steps:

    1. Delete all cache from the DOCPREVI user in the correct file server
    NOTE: Delete all content within this folder, do not delete the DOCPREVI folder itself
    2. Delete all Preview cache from the rendition_cache table in the database. To do this, run the following:
    delete from mhgroup.rendition_cache where storage_class = ‘docpreview’

  7. Make sure as mentioned above that “Preview Storage” on your DB’s in DB Admin are checked off
  8. Check Rendition.cfg configurations
  9. Check that the service account can read and write to the preview cache.
  10. Reinstalled the Preview server software




MsOfficeConverter.log in Preview Server:

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  • VM Shapshot
  • Backup Registry ( HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Interwoven and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Interwoven
  • Backup C:\Program Files\Autonomy\WorkSite\Apache\conf\worksite.conf
  • Have your WorkSite Server Serial Number Ready
  • Have your .key and .crt files for your Certificate
  • Check what iManage Work Server Service user currently runs as



  • Run Installer over the top
  • Enter Serial Key and Certificate Files
  • Once Installed Reboot Server
  • Change the iManage Work Server service to Run as a specified user found in PreReq
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1. Verify that FileSite or DeskSite and all other iManage Work add – ons are completely uninstalled.
Install 9.3.3 Silently: Setup.exe /s /v”/qn SERIALNUMBER=<serial number> EM_STATUS=OFF”/v”INT_3P=0″
MsiExec.exe /i /qn SERIALNUMBER=<serial number> EM_STATUS=OFF INT_3P=0
3. Run iManage Work.exe to install 10.0.2 Work 10 Client
4. If you have installed FileSite , manually enable the FileSite Add in in your Mail Setup – Outlook \ Data Files
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  • Hang on Receiving Emails
  • Delay or Hang when typing
  • Inbox Filer

Fixed in 9.3.1 and later (NT-53826)
Process threads are now set with a lower priority to improve desktop client performance


  • Hang on Sending emails
  • Hang on launch of Outlook
  • Outlook not responding in Outlook Title bar
Sent Filer

Pre 9.3.2:
Disable Sent Filer on client ( Disable Sent Filer = TRUE)
Sent Filer disabled by default
Removed Inbox and Sent Filers
Install CSAR 2300v2 on WCSE 9.3.1


  • Hang on scrolling Inbox
  • Delay when using arrows
  • Delay on Send
  • Delay when clicking inside
  • EMM toolbar
Suggested Filing Database (SDF)
Pre 9.3 ( iwovefsdb.sdf )
SDF > 2 MB = problems
Control the size of the SDF
Location of SDF (local vs network drive)
9.3 – 9.3.2 ( imanefsdb.sdf )
DisableDefaultSuggestion : 2
Caveat: Manual Suggestions
10 ( imanefsdb.sdf )
Optimized suggested filing algorithm
MAPI instead of OOM


  • Delay when opening or
  • closing emails
  • Outlook Not Responding
  • Blue circle appears
Cause: IsMessageFiled function
Pre 9.3
ShowEMToolbarOnReadEMail : 0
Doesn’t load EM toolbar
9.3.1 – 9.3.2
 Optimized the IsMessageFiled function
Fast launch due to removing of 3rd party component
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Work 9.X

  • Middleware logging – > Provides logging on the iManage.dll. Client talks to Server. Use for Login issues, Refiling, displaying folder content
  • Integration logging – > Used for logging Office issues. Lost Edits, errors, 0 byte files
  • iManext logging – > Extension library. Dialogs and all functions of  WorkSite
  • EM logging – > Toolbar not loading, performance issues, filing issues
  • FileSite / BulkLoader – > FileSite provides logging for client side filing requests
  • Suggested Filing -> Logging to understand why a specific suggestion is made to user or none at all
  • WSMapi logging  – > Filing operations using the Inbox filer, Sent Items filer, and filing suggestions or saving attachments
  • OffSite –>Performance issues during syncing, errors, and why content is not synched

Work 10

New Standardized Verbose Logging
Change <level value=”INFO” /> to <level value=”DEBUG” />

New Standardized Log Location

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