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Had a user who was getting blank screens when opening chat windows for Skype for Business and he couldn’t see text or type in messaging window so I thought I’d reset all the settings :


Close Lync.exe

Close Outlook.exe


Delete Folder : \%AppData%\Roaming\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Lync

Delete in Registry following key:


3) Reopen Skype for Business

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omsa02[1]Find the correct version of Dell OpenManageServer Administrator vSphere Installation Bundle (VIB)

This will depend on your VMware ESXi Version for us it was 6  so this

Extract the .vib , and open VSphere VClient , navigate to the datastore explorer and use the gui to upload the file here

Enable SSH on the ESXi Server

Login to the server via putty as root

Run the below

esxcli software vib install -v /vmfs/volumes/%Datastorename%/%nameofvib%.vib


After installing you need to reboot the ESXi Server

Download the Download OpenManage Server Administrator Managed Node with the Same version as your VIB. For us it was 8.1 per below

click this link:

Install this on a machine which has network access to the ESXi Management IP

After installing , open the OpenManage Server administrator

Enter the  ESXi Management IP and Vmware username and password

Tick the Ignore certificate warnings

It should log you in , and you can edit the iDrac settings via Remote Access

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Sometimes Paper Size of Trays of a 4350 printer are getting randomly changed from A4 to Custom , which means when users next print to it , the printer asks to confirm the Tray for printing ( not automatic)


This is caused when users refill the printer tray with paper , after shutting the tray it asks them to confirm the paper type. If they click the Green Button ( blue arrow ) it will reset this to Custom. They need to be pressing the Back button to leave this to A4



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green tick imanagegreen tick imanage2


These can be reset via

Please close Outlook completely (make sure Outlook.exe is no longer running in task manager)

Change HKCU\Software\Interwoven\WorkSite\8.0\FileSite\IconForm Installed to 0

Delete HKCU\Software\Interwoven\WorkSite8.0\FileSite\Registered Databases

Reopen Outlook and you should see it re-register.

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